Grammatica inglese: gli articoli

Sapete quali sono le parole più utilizzate nella maggior parte delle lingue? Forse starete pensando a termini come amore, uomo o casa, invece sono gli articoli.
Oggi studiamo gli articoli in inglese, come vedrete, sono molto più semplici dei corrispettivi italiani, proprio per questo, però, non sono ammessi errori nel loro utilizzo.

La grammatica inglese non ha molte regole complicate, perciò con un po’ di studio e di esercizio riuscirete ad utilizzare al meglio gli articoli in inglese.
Gli articoli in inglese
sono la base per parlare correttamente e spesso sono indispensabili per comunicare con precisione, soprattutto quando la pronuncia non è delle migliori, usare l’articolo in inglese correttamente, vi aiuterà a farvi comprendere.

articoli inglese


A/AN and THE

Fortunately, there are only three articles in English: A/AN and THE. Unfortunately, there are many rules regarding their use.

A and AN are indefinite articles.

A and AN are used…

1) when we first mention someone or something:

  • I am eating AN apple.
  • We live in A house.
  • There’s A fly in my soup.

2) with jobs:

  • I am A teacher.
  • He is AN astronaut.
  • She is A doctor.

3) with countable nouns:

  • There is A television in the bedroom.
  • I need A fork, please.
  • This is A good song.


A is used before words with consonant sounds:

  • A house
  • A library
  • A telephone

AN is used before words with vowel (a, e, i, o, u) sounds:

  • AN elephant
  • AN orange
  • AN umbrella

However, observe these examples with A:

  • A European
  • A one-hour lunch break
  • A university

And these examples with AN:

  • AN hour
  • AN honest proposal
  • AN X-ray

(These are NOT exceptions. The rule regards the vowel or consonant SOUNDS, i.e. the PRONUNCIATION, not necessarily the letters.)

articoli inglese

THE is a definite article.

THE is used…

1) when referring to specific things:

  • Can you see THE house on that hill?
  • We decided to buy THE blue car.
  • There’s THE phone. It’s next to THE computer.

2) to refer to something previously mentioned or already known:

  • He has many pets but THE dog is his favorite.
  • We have two bicycles. You can use THE red one.
  • They have two children. THE older child is 10 and THE younger one is 6.

3) when there is only one of something:

  • Where’s Peter? He’s in THE kitchen.
  • Where does THE King of England live?
  • THE sun is 93,000,000 miles away.

4) to refer to rivers, oceans and seas:

  • THE Tiber River
  • THE Pacific Ocean
  • THE Mediterranean Sea

5) with superlatives:

  • I’m THE tallest person in my family.
  • He’s THE most intelligent student in the class.
  • She’s THE highest paid employee in the company.


NO ARTICLE is used...

1) to talk about things in general:

  • LOVE is a beautiful thing.
  • SPINACH is good for you.
  • Why be afraid of DEATH? It happens anyway.

2) before the names of countries:

  • France
  • Egypt
  • China

However, use THE before:

  • THE United States
  • THE Netherlands
  • THE Philippines

3) with uncountable nouns:

  • How much WATER would you like?
  • There is too much INFORMATION in this book.
  • He has a lot of MONEY.

4) in certain phrases:

  • go home
  • at work
  • in bed

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