Beaches in the United Kingdom

Beaches in the United Kingdom


Un insegnante dell’AngloAmerican schoountitled1l
racconta la sua esperienza da bambino quando viveva nel Regno Unito, un breve racconto per esercitare la nostra lettura.

James Tweed is a 31-year-old British Professional having made the decision 2 years ago to move to Rome for a change of life (cambiamento di vita) after falling in love (delusione d’amore) with the city and its people many years prior. James is now enjoying the best of Rome and his new career with AngloAmerican School.
When I was a child, I spent very little time at the beach. The reason for this is that I lived in the centre of England near Birmingham. To go to the beach (Any beach, West, East or South of Birmingham) was an event and naturally a huge effort (grande sforzo).
It would take around 3 hours to get to the closest beach.

The main factor in Beach Culture in England is obviously the weather!
This changes the possibilities considerably.The main emphasis is on Entertainment. Large Piers were built to house mini theatres, games halls and where you could also buy fish and chips or candyfloss.

The most famous of the entertainment was a Hand puppet show called “Punch and Judy Show” These shows were iconic of the British Beach scene, that and the Donkey rides!

Black Rock Sands, Porthmadog in North Wales is my favourite beach because it is one of few beaches which you can literally drive onto surrounded by Mountains and very fine clean sand. When I was a child of around 10, my Dad would give me driving lessons. It was very fun! I still remember it to this day.

by James Tweed


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