Grammar – Prepositions

Livello: Pre-intermediate

Observe the prepositions.

IN                                May/the winter/2010

ON                              Sunday/Monday/May 26th

AT                               10 o’clock/ Easter/Christmas

THIS                          morning/afternoon/evening/week

NEXT                         Saturday/week/month/year


TOMORROW           morning/afternoon/evening/night


Example sentences:

The film begins AT 10pm.

My best friend is coming home AT Easter.

What did Susan buy AT the shops?


He’s going to London ON Friday.

I’m not going to work ON May 5th.

She’s going to church ON Easter morning.


They moved to Milan IN 2011.

We’re going to New York IN April.

What time do you wake up IN the morning?


We’re not eating at home THIS evening.

Are you cousins going to the cinema THIS afternoon?


He has a test NEXT week.

What are you doing NEXT Thursday?

I’m not cooking TONIGHT.


We’re going to the park TOMORROW morning

Luke is meeting me TOMORROW evening.



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