Stress in our daily lives

Stress in our daily livesimages

On any given day, how stressed do you feel? If you needed to assess (valutare) your level of stress, would you say it’s generally high or low?

Stress is so common in our lives nowadays ( al giorno d’oggi ) that many of us might  (potrebbe)not even recognize (riconoscere) that we are under too much stress.   We juggle studies, work, family and friends all at the same time, which leaves very little free time to relax. In other words, we tend to prioritize everyone else and their desires over our own. While it’s important to fulfill ( soddisfare) our obligations and make time for our loved ones, how often do we have “me time”? We might define “me time” as a period of time spent doing whatever you want, without the company of others. For some, this could include going for a run in the park, shopping in a favourite boutique or simply watching a movie we’ve wanted to see for a long time. For others, “me time” may be more elaborate and involve (coinvolgere) taking a vacation alone to a place they’ve never visited.

This personal time to unplug (staccare) from the daily pressures of life is critical not only for our emotional well-being

(benessere) but also for our physical health. It has been shown that when we are stressed, our levels of the hormones adrenaline and coritsol are elevated. While this can help motivate us to complete necessary tasks, too much of either hormone can also suppress important immune functions in the body and lead to problems with digestion, anxiety, heart health and more.


When you feel stressed, what do you do to relax? Do you feel you have enough “me time”, and why or why not?

Others glossary

Burnout: Esaurito

Overwhelm: Sopraffatto

sleeplessness: Insonnia


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